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Integration of podiatric services within GESY

In Cyprus, the integration of podiatric services within GESY has started in November of 2023 and there are now 42 podiatrists registered with GESY in all Cyprus districts.

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Podiatry, focused on the study and treatment of foot and lower limb conditions, is an integral component of any health care system. The provision of podiatric care within Cyprus’ mainstream healthcare framework emphasizes the recognition of the feet’s crucial role in overall well-being.

Podiatric services in Cyprus encompass a spectrum of preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic interventions aimed at addressing various foot ailments. From routine foot care to the management of complex conditions such as diabetes-related foot complications, these services contribute significantly to enhancing individuals’ mobility, comfort, and quality of life.

The integration of podiatry into the general health system underscores our Association’s commitment to a multidisciplinary approach, fostering collaboration between healthcare professionals to address the diverse needs of patients.

Although by incorporating podiatric services into GESY, Cyprus demonstrates a progressive approach towards comprehensive healthcare, there are further steps to be made in order for more beneficiaries to have access to these services throught the General Health System.

Beneficiaries who have one of the diagnoses in the list attached below can have access to podiatric services, after a relevant referral has been issued by a Personal or Specialist Doctor, regardless of specialty. The maximum number of visits to a podiatrist per beneficiary per calendar year is set at five (5) visits.

Please note that beneficiaries who visit a podiatrist without a valid referral cannot receive services within the GESY framework, therefore they will have to pay the relevant compensation themselves.

To find a GESY registered Podiatrist, please follow this link.